Confidential Program Compatibility Analysis

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1)  Do you currently have a branch referral program in place?

a)  Do you have referral incentive pay for branch employees?

b)  What is the current incentive you pay for referrals?

c)  What are the current branch referral goals per month?

d)  What level has your branch participation been?

2)  Do you currently have a platform sales group?

a)  If yes, how many platform sales people do you have?

b)  What are their current sales goals per month?

c)  What incentives do you have in place for the platform group?

d)  What level has your platform program achieved?

3)  Do you currently have a dedicated investment sales group in place?

a)  If yes, are the investment reps bank employees?

b)  What is the annual revenue goal for the group?

c)  Do you have incentives for the investment reps to work with your platform group?

d)  If yes, what are the incentives?

e)  Do you currently have cross-selling goals for your investment reps to meet referring back to the bank?

f)  If yes, what are the goals per investment rep?

g)  What is the ranking from highest to lowest based on revenue generated by your investment reps?

h)  What level has your investment program achieved?

4)  Do you currently have a branch management incentive plan in place?

a)  If yes, please check the types of goals included in the branch management incentive plan:

Referral Goals - non-bank product
Deposit Goals
Loan Goals
Fee Income Goals

b)  What level has the branch management incentive plan achieved?

5)  Do you currently have active sales management over you investment and platform groups?

a)  If yes, what are the layers of sales management you have?

b)  What level has your sales management team performed?

6)  Do you currently sell life and health insurance in your institution?

a)  Does your institutions own an active insurance agency?

b)  If yes, what types of insurance products do you sell?
Please check all that apply!

Term Life
Long Term Care
Business Disability
Supplemental Group Benefit
Variable Life
Second to Die

c)  How long has your insurance sales program been in place?

d)  What distribution model(s) are you, or have you been, utilizing?
Please check all that apply!

Direct Response

Please choose one of the following:
Retail Agent: Full time insurance sales professionals who sell life and health insurance to middle-market bank customers, but do not sell mutual funds or annuities.

Advanced Agents: focus on complex needs, i.e. estate business, business succession, working with trust, private banking, and commercial clients.

Financial Consultants: primary responsibility is to sell mutual funds, annuities, and other securities.

Licensed Platform: personnel primarily responsibility is to conduct banking business and to sell mutual funds and or annuities.

Referrals to 3rd party life agency/company.

e)  With the distribution model you are using, which of the following represents your insurance agent structure?

f)  What level has your insurance program performed?