Summary of Services

Because all institutions have unique cultures and company directions, these are just a sampling of the services that can be custom tailored to fit your institutions needs.


B.I.D.S Bank Insurance Program

We provide a comprehensive turnkey Insurance Program for Financial Institutions, effectively helping you build the insurance agency that lies within your institutions customer base. Our program can dramatically increase your non-interest income revenue without disintermediation of deposits.

We recruit and train the insurance sales personnel for your agency, while laying the programs foundation by educating your personnel to change their perception of insurance. By providing breadth of the market insurance products, we make you the competition from day one. BIDS Inc. is a C.A.R. (Compensation At Risk) company. This means if you donít make money, we donít make money. Therefore BIDS Inc. has a vested interest in the program exceeding your expectations.

For more information about our Bank Insurance Program Click Here.


B.I.D.S. Sales Leader Platform Program

We provide a flexible comprehensive platform sales program that works, by customizing our services to meet your institutions needs and objections. Whether you are looking to re-vitalize your current program or start-up a new program, we help your institution meet its objectives ... now and in the future!

For more about our Sales Leader Platform Program Click Here.


Full Service Investment Services

We offer a full range of alternative investment products from annuities to stocks. We help you custom design your institutions investment program. If you are looking for a new partner to help bring your current program up to your expectations, or you want to initiate an investment program, we have the expertise you need.

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