Common Sense Solutions

  • We have hands on experience in building and developing sales programs in all 3 cultures. We also speak all 3 languages - fluently!

  • Banks can significantly increase non-interest income and be profitable in the insurance business. We have experienced this by using the entire branch network customer base and not just the top 15% high net worth customers.

  • Our system utilizes your existing sales culture and distribution channel to get your program up and running quickly. Your program will be profitable in one year or less if you implement using our system.

  • Our model is not included within the industries six models. We believe there is only one effective model, the one that allows maximum utilization of the bank branch distribution network.

  • Consultants have no vested interest in your success. Our interest is vested. You succeed - we succeed ... Win win!

  • Why buy a company when you already have the foundation in place? We have the blueprints to finish the building.

  • The banking environment is unique requiring special recruiting skills to match the skills and personality to the banks culture. We have over 14 years experience successfully recruiting top producers, and we will recruit the best-qualified personnel for you.


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