Financial and Insurance Calculators

  • Future Value / Tax Deferred Annuity Calculator

  • Compound Yield Calculator -- Calculate Annual Yield of an Investment

  • Yield Calculator -- Determine the long-term yield of investments based on how much you contribute each month.

  • IRA/401k/403b Calculator -- Includes the under 59 1/2 penalties and min. withdrawal requirements, following standard IRA rules.

  • Roth IRA Conversion Calculator -- Remember, when you take withdrawals from your Roth IRA's you pay no tax!

  • Minimum IRA Withdrawal Calculator -- So many places talk about the 70 1/2 withdrawal requirements but don't show you the numbers? See the minimum withdrawal requirements for a single life (i.e. no beneficiaries) IRA. Note that even though you must withdraw the amounts from your IRA (or suffer a penalty) and pay tax on the distributions, you don't have to spend it!

  • Annuity Contribution Calculator -- Find out how much to put away tax deferred in order to receive a certain amount of money in the future. Also, how much money you could expect to draw out.

  • True Future Value -- See how long it will take to reach a financial goal, and how much it will be worth at that point in time.

  • Nominal / Effective Rates -- Find out what rate is necessary in order to achieve a future value.

  • Rule of 78 -- Find out how long it takes for your investment to double.

  • Compound Interest -- Calculate and see how compound interest affects your return.

  • Simple Loan Calculator -- Only 3 inputs needed .. loan amount; interest rate; term of loan, for any fixed loan (mortgage, car loan, etc.).

Miscellaneous Calculators

  • Lease Calculator -- How much will it cost to lease that car?

  • Tuition Savings Calculator -- So, you're going to have another child! That means college tuition! Let's see how much it will cost...

  • Wealth Calculator -- This uses the formulas and discussion from Stanley and Danko's best-seller "The Millionaire Next Door" so you can see how wealthy you really are.

  • Retirement Calculator -- Input required income, number of years, inflation and this will tell you how much you should start saving.

  • Retirement Payout Calculator -- Shows the fixed payout of an annuity.


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