We are Tri-lingual

We speak banking, investments and insurance languages fluently. Our extensive experience in all three of these fields enables us to avoid the cultural pitfalls that often prevent the success of bank insurance programs. Our proven ability to identify, recruit, and hire top producers gives us the ability to bring banks and insurance producers up to and beyond your expectations.

B.I.D.S. turnkey program is designed to:

  • Take advantage of the branch distribution channel
  • Develop multiple sales opportunities by touching the customer
  • Avoid customer segmenting
  • Mass produce insurance product to Mid-Market customers profitably
  • Enhance and solidify bank/customer relationships
  • Develop and maintain management support. By:
    • Creating a revenue machine
    • Protect deposits - Life Insurance under management
    • Grow deposits

Its not if - its when you Turn B, C, & D customers into A customers!

We Recruit qualified insurance Specialist for Financial Institution. (Critical factor)

Train Insurance Specialist on Key Issues:

  • Branch relationship management
  • How to succeed in the banking environment
  • Referral development
  • Seminar presentation skills
  • Closing and enhanced case development skills

Program implementation:

  1. Executive Management Training
  2. Train branch personnel on life insurance products (change perception of life insurance)
    • Branch managers
    • CSR’S
    • Platform sales group,
  3. Set up twelve month action plan (seminars etc.)
  4. Investment Rep. training
  5. Commercial Lenders training
    • Set up Commercial Lender Quote Hotline

Product Delivery

  1. Breadth of the market insurance
    • Makes your bank the competition immediately. (Banks have to compete).
  2. One pipeline to manage
    • Eliminates the need to manage multiple insurance relationships,
    • Prevents institutions from losing business due to limited relationships,
    • Eliminates the need to build expensive operations department
  3. Out Source the Work
    • Brokerage Service does all the APPS., Medical, etc,.,
    • Keeps your sales force selling
  4. In Source the Revenue
    • Street Commissions paid to institution
    • Commissions paid directly to institution from insurance company

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