Long-Term Care Seminar System

Industry research continues to confirm consumers have a high level of trust and comfort conducting their financial business in a bank environment. Banks that provide these services experience a higher level of customer retention and satisfaction. Our Long-term care seminar is designed to provide bank customers with an opportunity to get the information they are needing in the surroundings they feel comfortable. We deliver the information in a non-sales pressure format we call “Long-term Care “Just the Facts””. No sales pressure is exerted and the seminars are not product specific. The seminars do result in customers requesting individual consultations to discuss their concerns and possible solutions.

Our seminar has unique characteristics:

  • We do not use scare tactics to promote sales
  • We discuss openly the concept of risk and the best ways to eliminate the impact the cost of long term care presents to their assets
  • Our concept, presentation, follow up questionnaire, and personal consultation with the customer are all parts of the process
  • Our Seminar introduces the alternatives to the traditional Long-term Care Insurance (standard pay as you go) coverage and illustrates the philosophy of if you don’t use it, you don’t lose it.

This seminar will enhance your customer service function between the branch personnel and their customers. It is also the key piece in getting your insurance program off to a fast start.

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