Financial Institution Recruiting Criteria
and Attributes

The essential component of success relies heavily on the successful selection of the Right Agent and their ability to successfully adapt to the bank culture. If the selection process fails the best plan is reduced to wasted time and effort. It is for that reason we have developed a system that we believe sets us apart from the competition.

Our system has two components:

  1. Finding the candidates the search
  2. Creating the Ideal Bank Insurance Specialist

We have built a recruiting engine that letís us specifically target top candidates based on the experience and skills we know will succeed in the banking environment. We utilize this engine and it enables us to guarantee you a choice of top candidates to select from. Our recruiting system also utilizes traditionally recognized recruiting sources such as bank management, our personal contacts from industry relationships, and various forms of advertising.

When creating the profile of the ideal bank Insurance Specialist we focused on our combined recruiting experiences in the various segments of financial services, the actual work we did within the branch distribution culture, program results and the input of successful professionals in this industry. This has given us the unique perspective to create this profile.

Here is a sampling of the profile criteria we use:

  • Five years minimum experience with a history of continuous growth in business
  • Broad based product experience and sales skills
  • Accomplished group/seminar speaker
  • Self Driven, Self motivated and Goal oriented
  • Resourceful, Adaptable to multi-cultural surroundings
  • Team Player with ability to cultivate and motivate multiple referral networks
  • Exceptional Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Proven stability and commitment in the insurance business
  • Owns an active book of business
  • Professional designations and ongoing education
  • History of community involvement

If you are an Insurance Professional with the above qualities, We want to talk to You!

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