Financial Institution Opportunities

We have combined our experiences in the various segments of the Financial Services Industry and created the ideal profile for a Bank Insurance Specialist. We have added in components dealing with the realities of the changing faces of our industry and what we believe the future holds for producers. The end result has been a unique opportunity for the right individual. Letís look at some reality:

  • Licensed agents with less than 18 months experience, have less than a 15% retention rate.
  • Average agent experience 4.3 years - Average income is only $34,800.
  • Top 20% have an average income of $53,500.
  • Only 7% of agents earn between 40k - $79,000.
  • Only 3% earn more than $75,000.
  • Mix a $200k / year producer (diamond) with 9 average agents and the average increases above $50k+ even though only 1 out of 10 produced above that!
  • If half the agents in America were fired today the industry would not be devastated!

These amazing but true (reality) statistics, make us look back and wish the recruiter had told us these things! Considering those statistics I believe we can agree the odds of being successful are small. Our company is committed to improving those odds. We are developing client relationships with various financial institutions around the country and helping them build their agencies. These programs are being created with the highest probability to succeed but lack the one ingredient that will assure success; ethical, experienced producers quite possibly like you. The following is an overview of the attributes of our Insurance Specialist profile.

Broad-based Experience (general practitioner)

  • Understanding and utilization of the sales process.
  • Proficiency in all areas life insurance, long-term care, disability and group insurance.
  • You do not have top be an expert; you will have to be able to understand your role in uncovering customerís needs, designing solutions to satisfy those needs, presenting those solutions and closing the case.
  • You will also have to have a general knowledge of advanced case work and business continuation planning utilizing your staff of home office experts.

You Must be Self-driven

  • Have the ability to operate as an integral part of a team.
  • Set and obtain multiple goals (company, location, team and individual).

You Must be Adaptable in a Multi-cultural Environment

  • Be effective in your communications with that environment.
  • Lead them in developing referral networks, and include them as a part of the team.

You Must be Able to Blend into the Environment

  • Have the ability to work with layers of management, the same as the new employees.
  • Effectively manage these relationships to build a continuous stream of prospects.

We Do Require a Track Record of Stability and Growth

  1. Ideally we would like a minimum of five years experience,
  2. an active book of business,
  3. history of some involvement in community and industry.
  4. Professional designations are a plus!

If you meet these requirements and would like to further discuss opportunities Click Here and fill in the requested information. We will contact you in the near future to discuss available opportunities.

Thank You, BIDS Inc. Team


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